Detech 12.5" Coil

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Detech 12.5" coil

Available in mono and DD configurations 

for the Minelab SD/GP/GPX series detectors



Now available here at Fort Bedford Metal Detectors!   

This coil fit the popular Minelab SD/GP/GPX series of metal detectors.

Note - some variations of Detech coils may encounter a short shipping delay.  

Call for verification before ordering if the reciept of your order is time critical.


This 12.5" Detech coil for the Minelab GPX series detectors is the perfect step up in size for your Minelab GPX series detector.  Construction is of the highest quality, as Detech utilizes UV protective material, and chopped-strand material for better shock resistance.  The resins used are transparent to electromagnetic waves, and make the coil fully waterproof.  

These coils come with a cover and a 2 year limited warranty.  Availible in both mono and DD configurations. 

12.5" Mono coil weight: 2lb.    

12.5" DD coil weight: 2lb, 5oz.   

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