Privacy Policy

Payment Processing


Processing Credit Cards

Customer credit cards are processed as purchases are made.  Credit cards are processed via the authorize.net system.  2 copies are generated, 1 for the customer and 1 merchant copy signed by the customer.  Customer is asked to verify if the amount is correct,  Customer copy is attached to the company sales reciept.

Storing Credit Card Information

Merchant copies are stored in a locked strong box after transaction is processed.  Once daily reciepts are processed information is storec in a locked file cabinet marked confidential information,.

Breach of Information

Policy and procedure is in place for all employees concerning customer privacy.  All employess are required to sign a confidentiality statement upon hire.  Also red flag policy is also followed., 

If any breach of customer information is suspectd the customer is notified immediately and the incident is documented.  If required, authorities will be notified of the breach of information.


We are like most people... we don't like unsolicited mail or spam emails.  So we do not sell your personal information... ever.  So if you get junk in your mailbox, it isn't from us.   :)   We take all of this seriously, your personal info is secure when you shop here.   Please feel free to call me directly if you have any questions about this.... thanks!