Coils for Teknetics detectors

Nothing will beat the performance of an accessory coil for your Teknetics machine than an OEM Teknetics coil.

2-3 Days -20%
Fisher 6.5" elliptical coil cover

Fisher® 6.5" elliptical coil cover Protect that expensive coil with a scuff cover For the F70, F75, and Gold Bug 2 6.5" elliptical co..

$8.00 $9.95

NEL Thunder   Now available here at Fort Bedford Metal Detectors!    Available for most popular metal d..


Teknetics 10" Elliptical coil

10" Elliptical coil for the Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Omega & G2   This Elliptical is closed to prevent snagging while in use, a..


Teknetics 11" DD  Coil

11" Elliptical DD coil   Great performing, deep seeking coil   Available in two versions: one fits the Alpha, Del..


2-3 Days
Teknetics 15" DD coil

15" Elliptical DD FOR T2and T2 LTD Open, Deep Penetrating Waterproof Searchcoil   Remarkable increase in depth and ground c..


2-3 Days
Teknetics 5" DD round coil

5" Round DD Coil A small coil for excellent seperation in trashy areas Available in two versions: for your Alpha, Delta, Omega, Ga..


2-3 Days
Teknetics 8" concentric coil

8" concentric coil An open design to fit the Alpha, Delta, Omega, Gamma, and G2 series of detectors  ..


Teknetics T2 LTD 10'x5" Elliptical DD Coil

  Teknetics T2 LTD 10"x5" DD Coil - ALL NEW!   Now available for immediate shipment!     &nbs..


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