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XP - Deus - Instruction Manual V3.0

XP Deus Instruction Manual, V3.0 This is hard copy of the manual for the XP Deus metal detector, in version 3.0..

$16.00 $18.00

XP Deus XP Deus

The XP DEUS is available in many configurations to suit your needs.NOW SHIPPING WITH THE X35 COILS OR THE 9" ELLIPTICAL HF COIL AS STAN..

$1,049.00 $1,528.24

XP Deus  - Lower Shaft

XP Deus Lower Shaft This is as lower shaft for the XP Deus metal detector...

$56.00 $62.00

In Stock -9%
XP Deus - 11" Search Coil

XP Deus 11" Search Coil This coil is discontinued and no longer available for purchaseThe one everyone is waiting for - this option..

$499.00 $549.00

2-3 Days -9%
XP Deus - 13" x 11" Large Search Coil

XP Deus 13" x 11" Large Search CoilThis coil has been discontinued, and is no longer available. This optional waterproof search coil for..

$560.00 $616.00

XP Deus - 9" HF Search Coil

  XP Deus 9" HF Coil This all new coil is designed to help you find small targets in mineralized ground. NOW WITH MUCH LOWER P..

$319.00 $468.00

2-3 Days -9%
XP Deus - 9" search coil

XP Deus 9" Search Coil Replacement stock 9" waterproof search coil for the XP Deus.  The DD design provides enhanced depth and ..

$484.00 $532.00

XP Deus - 9" Search Coil Cover

XP Deus 9" Search Coil Cover This replacement coil cover fits the XP Deus stock 9" search coil...

$19.00 $21.00

XP Deus - Arm cuff screw

XP Deus arm cuff screw This screw is used to attach the arm cuff to the handles of the XP Deus metal detector...


XP Deus - Carry Bag

XP Deus Carry Bag This high quality carry case is padded and features the XP Logo. Contains a reinforced carry handle, shoulder strap and..

$45.00 $50.00

XP Deus - Foldable Wired Headphones with Backbone and Volume Control

XP Deus wired headphones with backbone A great backup headphone for the XP DEUS, this wired set of backbone style headphones features a..

$20.00 $22.00

XP Deus - Full telescopic pole with lower stem, arm cup, and screws

XP Deus Complete Shaft Assembly This replacement XP Deus telescopic shaft assembly includes the telescopic pole, lower stem, arm cup and ..

$264.00 $290.00

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