Coiltek 14" Elite Coil

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Coiltek 14" Elite Coil
for Minelab GPX and GP detectors

This coil is the most popular of the range due to its extra coverage and depth on small and large targets in a range of soil conditions. Prospectors have commented they keep this coil on their machine all the time as it’s the most successful coil they have ever used.


MONO coil general operation hints & tips

The MONO coil has also been one of the most popular coils we have produced as this coil was first introduced to the detecting community when the SD2100's were released. It has superb sensitivity and depth capabilities and when swung close to the ground and at a slow speed it has the ability to find sub-gram nuggets at depth and also the larger ounce pieces at great depths. Being a mono coil it is better suited to the low to no mineralization areas for the SD and GP machines however since the introduction of the new GPX series detectors from Minelab these are being used in the high mineralised with great success. Its ability to pinpoint small targets is easy as the outer perimeter of the coil is its main sensitive area so the closer to the coil the target is the response is more to the outside of the coil. If tilted to one side when trying to locate a target in a dig hole pile it will ensure you get an accurate location quickly. Remember to overlap your swings with a MONO by at least half a coil to ensure you do not miss any targets.


The Elite Advantage

However the Coiltek ELITE series utilise a new winding innovation which was engineered and produced by COILTEK. This new winding optimises the transmit and receive signals, therefore improving depth and sensitivity when compared to a standard wound similar sized coil of up to an extra 30%.

With a brand new camouflage look these coils give the detectorist smooth stable operation and no abnormal external interference issues. The series perform smoother than any other standard coil on the market.

Any detector operator with a SD/GP/GPX machine could be missing out on Optimising Discovery if they are not swinging with the ELITE.


General design characteristics:

  • Excellent overall performance
  • Good ground coverage
  • Easy handling in open ground
  • Reasonable pointing capability
  • Good sensitivity and depth
  • Lightweight for all day use
  • Robust coil design
  • Size: 350 mm ( 14")
  • Weight: 1100g / 38.8oz
  • Configuration: Elite Mono
  • Color: Camo

Applicable metal detectors

  • Minelab SD series
  • Minelab GP series
  • Minelab GPX series

Other Elite coil sizes available:

  • 11" Elite
  • 14" x 9" Elite
  • 17" x 11" Elite
  • 18" Elite

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