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Doc's Detecting Ultra Swingy Thingy

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An affordable harness to use with any detector


If you love the hobby of metal detecting but struggle with the weight of your detector, you need to look at this!

Doc has been creating helpful metal detecting products for years, and the latest updates to his popular metal detector harness makes it more comfortable and easy to use.   Take the weight off of your arm and shoulder with THIS NEW IMPROVED ULTRA SWINGY Thingy harness and QUiggle double adjustment bungee!

this harness can be used with virtually any detector, as the clamp attachment to the detector is adjustable and a universal fit.   Also the quick adjustments on each end make tweaking it a breeze, allowing you to adjust quickly for the terrain conditions.    Finally the large rings on the harness combined with the redesigned hook allows for a single hand release and attachment - making this much easier to handle than other harness systems on the market today.

anything doc builds is built with quality and this harness is no exception.   you can expect years of use from this harness with all of your detectors.  


  • Ultra swingy thingy harness
  • new Queegee quick double adjust bungee
  • clamp to attach the bungee to any rod 

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