Tube Tubb

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Tube Tubb – The Worlds Most Useful Floating Sieve Designed For Avid Metal Detectorists Everywhere.

Working in or near water?

Sick and tired of muddy messes, dirty hands, and dirty treasures? Ever lost a find back into the water? Ever wished your sifter or screen would float?

Tube Tubb Is Your Answer!

Tube Tubb floats, unlike other sifters and screens.

Just dump your dig into the wide receiving platform, splash with some water, and uncover your find, safe and sound and clean.

It’s that easy!

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Floating Tube Tubb Sieve is your perfect companion for any Metal Detecting Adventure.

Great for gold and gem prospecting too. Good for a day at the beach too, sifting and screening for sea shells, shark teeth, and other goodies. Tell us how you use your Tube Tubb!

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Tube Tubb