Genuine Tesoro Accessories


Looking for a coil, rod, or other accessory for your Tesoro metal detector?  



You have come to the right place - at Fort Bedford Metal Detectors we can help you maximize the performance of your Tesoro!


Tesoro Delta Family (4-pin) cable extension

Tesoro Delta Family Coil Extension Cable     4-pin version for the Cibola, Lobo SuperTRAQ, Tejon, and Vaquero รข..


Tesoro Epsilon Family (5-pin) cable extension

Tesoro Epsilon Family   Coil extension cable   5-pin version for the Cortez, DeLeon, Silver uMax, Golden uMax,..


Tesoro lower rod

Tesoro Lower Rod This lower rod fits all Tesoro metal detectors, and includes a nylon bolt and nut...


Tesoro upper rod assembly

  Tesoro upper rod         This Tesoro upper rod is available in grey, black, or gold.  ..

$20.00 $24.00

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