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Killer B Wasp Headphones

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Killer B Wasp Headphones



The Killer B Wasps have the every feature, bell and whistle offered by Killer Bs.    They come standard with dual 41 position volume controls with larger diameter, soft to the touch controls, high output 150 ohm speaker elements, external strain relief, a mode switch that will make them compatible with almost any detector, locking color coded toggle switches, a switchable limiting circuit, and a ¼" angled plug on the end of one of the industry's most durable coiled cords. The result is a pair of headphones that are sensitive enough even to pick up the faintest of signals, and are packed with features that cover every need.  The Wasps fits snugly on your head so as not to slip around, but still remain comfortable for all day hunting. They come black in color and pack a limited lifetime warranty and also come with a satisfaction money back guarantee. 


The components were selected based on quality and durability. The number one question asked by serious hunters is: Will the coiled cord hold up to a day of hard hunting, relic hunting and use in brush? The answer is Yes! There may be failures (as with any component or brand), but we feel our cords and cross wires are the best on the market.

Killer B Wasps will deliver a crisp audio response with volume to spare.



Killer Wasp Headphone Specifications:

  • 41 position DUAL volume controls
  • Soft touch control knobs
  • A mode switch to ensure detector compatibility
  • Color coded toggle switches, which are locking to prevent accidental changes
  • Switchable limiting circuit
  • A ¼" angled plug with extermal strain relief
  • 150 ohm speaker elements
  • limited lifetime warranty



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