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Deteknix WR Wire-Free Headphone Adapters

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Deteknix Wire-Free WR Headphone Adapter

Make your favorite headphones and detector wireless!

Out of stock.  To be replaced with the new improved Quest wireless system.


Are you jealous of the guys who have factory wireless headphones while detecting?   Well be jealous no more!   With the Deteknix Wire-Free headphones you can now enjoy the same wireless detecting experience that was previously reserved for a select few machines!   

The Wire-Free WR comes with a light weight transmitter and receiver, which allows you to continue to use your favorite headphones, only with a wireless connection to the detector!    The kit has the following characteristics:

  • Available in either an 1/8" or 1/4" connector configuration
  • A very minimal 0.06s audio delay, which is small enough to be entirely unnoticableable!
  • No modification needed to your existing headphones, simply plug them in to the receiver!
  • Supports up to 6 hours continuous operation
  • Hear your detector's original, non-distorted audio signal
  • No interference with VLF or PI detectors
  • The transmitter and headphones are rechargeable via a simple mini USB port


Available in two versions:

  • W3R6  This comes with a standard 1/8" connector on the Wire-Free transmitter and receiver
  • W6R6  This comes with a standard 1/4" connector on the Wire-Free transmitter and receiver

Pick your connector size needed when adding your Wire-Free system to the cart.



The specs for the techie types-

Transmitter specifications:

  • Transmitter cable ¦..5cm stright cable + 25cm coiled cable 
  • Connector ¦.....1/8" OR 1/4"
  • Water resistance ¦Splash resistant
  • Weight.............¦......33g
  • Wireless technology ¦..Digital 2.4GHz
  • Control........................................One Touch Button
  • Charging ¦.Micro USB 2.0
  • Power ¦..3.7VDC

Receiver Specifications:

  • Transmitter Cable¦... 5cm straight
  • Connector ¦..For metal detectors with 1/4″ or 6.35mm jack
  • Attaching ¦ Clip on rod,magnetic attach, or store in pocket
  • Protection level ¦.Splash-proof
  • Control ¦...One touch button
  • Charging ¦......Micro USB 2.0
  • Weight ¦...38g

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