XP Deus WS5 with Remote and 11" Coil - USED

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XP Deus with 11" coil, WS5 Headphones, Remote - USED



This Deus was traded in recently and shows very little sign of use.   We sold this one new on 6/22/17, so it is just over a year old.  As such, there is almost 4 years of warranty remaining so you can buy knowing that XP will stand behind it for a long time.   This owner trades things in from time to time and we are always impressed with the condition of his machines.... this one is no different.  Aside from some scratches on the coil cover it really looks like a new machine.   You will be hard pressed to find a used machine that is nicer than this one.   Aside from an expected few scratches on the coil cover we really see no blemishes on it at all.

Headphone wise, this one is a WS5...  and it like the detector is like new.

This one also has some nice accessories included.  Besides the normal hip mount case, manual, charger, remote case and 3 way charging cable you normally get with a Deus you also get a few extras.  There is a control head cover and car charger added to this one... which is nice because you also get a spare three way cable with the car charger.   :)  You will see a small black holder... this contains a pair of XP Wired headphones to use as a backup.  Also included is a copy of Andy Sabisch's XP Deus handbook to help you understand the features and settings on this fantastic machine.

If you are looking for a really nice Deus - you have found it!  Save a bundle on this one!


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