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Teknetics 10" Elliptical coil
10" Elliptical coil for the Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Omega & G2   This Elliptical i..
Teknetics 11" DD  Coil
11" Elliptical DD coil   Great performing, deep seeking coil   Available in t..
Teknetics 15" DD coil
15" Elliptical DD FOR T2and T2 LTD Open, Deep Penetrating Waterproof Searchcoil   R..
Teknetics 5" DD round coil
5" Round DD Coil A small coil for excellent seperation in trashy areas Available in two versio..
8" concentric coil An open design to fit the Alpha, Delta, Omega, Gamma, and G2 series of detect..
Teknetics Alpha 2000
Teknetics Alpha 2000 Great Depth! Category Target ID On-Screen Menu Numerical Depth In..
Teknetics Delta 4000
Teknetics Delta 4000 Add these features! Numeric Target ID Multiple Notches Pinpoint ..
Teknetics Eurotek
Teknetics® Eurotek® Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range! Turn-On-And-Go, 3-Butto..
Teknetics Eurotek Pro
Teknetics® EurotekPro® Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range! Turn-On-And-Go, 3-Bu..
Teknetics G2
Teknetics G2 Extreme depth and sensitivity to the smallest gold and silver targets! Ground..
Teknetics Gamma 6000
Teknetics Gamma 6000 Step Up To The Next Level! Menu System 80 Levels of Discrimination A..
$499.00 $329.00
This is a replacement lower rod for a Teknetics metal detector.  It is available in two leng..
Teknetics Omega 8000
Teknetics Omega 8000 Elevate The Possibilities! Unique Intuitive Interface & Display ..
$599.00 $400.00
Teknetics T2 Classic
Teknetics T2 Classic The American classic is back!  And at a GREAT LOW PRICE!   ..
$1,049.00 $499.00
Teknetics T2 LTD
Teknetics T2 Ltd NOW AVAILABLE with the latest upgrades including shielding for EMI suppressi..
$1,249.00 $899.00
Teknetics T2 LTD 10'x5" Elliptical DD Coil
  Teknetics T2 LTD 10"x5" DD Coil - ALL NEW!   Now available for immediate ..

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