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Minelab X-Terra 705 - The ultimate in all-purpose detecting! 


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The X-TERRA 705 has the most features and capabilities in Minelab's X-TERRA series of adventure metal detectors.  While advanced, it is still easy to use not only as a coin and treasure-hunting machine but also is capable of gold prospecting with the Gold Prospecting Modes.   This makes the XTerra 705 the perfect all in one detector!

Unique to the X-TERRA 705 is the specialised Prospecting Mode, which makes the detector more sensitive to small targets.  This mode can be effectively used in highly mineralized soils.  Also the high-frequency DD coils are proven to perform well in these conditions,creating an advantae for the X-TERRA 705 when operated in these conditions. 

To help you understand more about the X-TERRA line of detectors, an eBook called "Understanding your X-TERRA" by Randy Horton is available for download.



Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose and versatile adventure detector
  • With Minelab's proprietary "True Digital" VFLEX technology the detector's frequency can be changed with a simple coil change
  • VFLEX Technology also reduces sound distortion, enhances target ID accuracy and blocks out environmental noise
  • The X-TERRA 705 uses Low Frequency (3kHZ),  Medium Frequency (7kHz) and High Frequency (18.75kHz) coils - a total of 7 coils are available to suit your detecting conditions
  • Automatic/Manual Ground Balancing, Tracking, and now Tracking Ground Balance Offset adjustment.  This creates a performance advantage in areas such as wet/dry sand transition and hot rock locations by setting the balance slightly positve or negative
  • There are 4 customizable preset patterns, plus an All-Metal mode. 
  • Target ID stability - precise, solid responsiveness in high-trash areas enabling you to efficiently and effectively search sites with a high concentration of junk targets
  • Threshold tone for more accurate target ID interpretation 
  • Adjustable Iron Mask - designed for Prospecting Mode.  This feature allows you to find desireable targets lying close to ferrous metals
  • Audible and graphical Pin-Point makes target recovery quick and easy
  • Two pinpoint modes - Auto and Sizing - aid the operator in determining the size of the located target before digging.
  • An increased range on the Adjustable Target Volume (0-30) gives you more audio information to help identify a target
  • Continuously updating depth indicator
  • Positive reflective LCD display. 
  • Uses standard 4 x AA batteries. 
  • Ultra lightweight, balanced design so you can enjoy detecting for longer periods



Multiple coil options are available for this machine!  While any of them will find all metals, selecting the optimium coil will give you the best target response for the types of items you desire to find.      Simply select the proper frequency and size, and install it on your X-Terra.   

Here is a simple explaination of the types:

Frequency: Low, Medium, High

  • 3 kHz - low frequency coil option is best suited to find deep, large, high conductive targets such as silver, copper, large rings and relics
  • 7.5 kHz - this mid frequency coil option is the best suited for all around detecting
  • 18.75 kHz - this high frequency coil option makes the detector very sensitive to jewelery, fine chains, and sub-gram gold nuggets

Type: Concentric versus Double D (DD)

  • Concentric - these coils create a cone shaped detection field, which is widest at the surface down to a point at the deepest point of detection.   If sized the same as a DD, it will be able to detect deeper than a DD but must be overlapped at least 1/2 the width of the coil on every swing for optimium coverage.  
  • Double D (DD) - these coils create a long, narrow detection field the length of the coil, but that detection field is virtually the same depth from front to back of the coil.   This means the seperation between targets is better with a DD as compared to a concentric coil, and only needs to be overlapped by about 1/3 of the length of the coil as compared to the concentric coil on each swing. 

Size: small, medium, large

  • smaller coils are great in seperating between items when detecting in trashy areas, at a cost of a lessened ability to detect at depth
  • mid sized coils are designed to be the best all around option in most situations, a good comprimise of depth and target seperation
  • larger coils are designed to detect items at greater depth, but at a loss of both seperation around junk targets, and also a loss of sensitivity to smaller targets



That all being said, there are multiple coil options available for the X-Terra 705

  • 3 kHz - 9" Concentric coil
  • 7.5 kHz  9" Concentric coil  - this is the standard coil for the X-Terra 705
  • 18.75 kHz  9" Concentric coil
  • 7.5 kHz  kHz 10.5" Double D
  • 18.75 kHz 10.5" Double D
  • 18.75 kHz 10"x5" eliptical Double D - this is the standard coil for the X-Terra 705 Gold Pack
  • 7.5 kHz 6" Concentric coil
  • 18.75 kHz 6" Double D

In addition to these coils, aftermarket coils for the X-Terra line are available from Coiltek


All Minelab and Coiltek X-Terra coils are available here in our store!



The standard version of the X-Terra 705 comes with the 7.5kHz 9" concentric coil.    


However, the X-Terra 705 is available in two other packages...


One is the X-Terra 705 Gold Pack, which comes with the 18.75 kHz 10"x5" eliptical DD coil instead of the standard coil.   - NOW $499.00!

The second package comes with both the 7.5kHz 9" concentric coil and the 18.75 kHz 10"X5" eliptical DD -get both of these coils for $689.00!

Simply select your option when adding your X-Terra 705 to the cart






CALL or EMAIL ME with questions and we will custom tailor a machine suited to meet YOUR needs!



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