XP metal detectors are known for their innovation, and their product entry into the US market is no exception.   Many users have found XP's Deus metal detector to be one of the finest detectors available on the market today.  This lightweight, wireless and fast recovery machine is sure to suit your detecting needs.



XP Deus XP Deus

The XP DEUS is available in many configurations to suit your needs.NOW SHIPPING WITH THE X35 COILS OR THE 9" ELLIPTICAL HF COIL AS STAN..

$1,049.00 $1,528.24

XP ORX Metal Detector XP ORX Metal Detector

 XP ORXBuilt from Deus DNAThe XP ORX is now available here at Fort Bedford Metal Detectors.   NOw available in SIX configurations...

$649.00 $763.53

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