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Coiltek 14" TDI Mono Coil

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Coiltek 14" White's TDI Mono Coil
Looking for a new large round coil for your White's TDI? This is it! 



Coiltek's lineup of coils have been popular for years on the Minelab GPX series detectors, now White's TDI users can enjoy the same type of balance, feel, and enhancement associated with Coiltek coils while using their detector of choice too! An entire series of coils has been developed which incorporate a new winding innovation which optimises the transmit and receive signals, therefore improving depth and sensitivity when compared to the standard wound coils available.

This series is branded with the well-known Coiltek terracotta colour. Each of the new coils will perform and give the detectorist a smooth stable operation with reduced noise from ground mineralisation and touch sensitivity.


The 14" White's TDI Mono coil we are featuring on this page would most commonly used in those worked out patches where the targets are deep and beyond the reach of many detector/coil combinations.   Being a large coil, you may want to use it in areas with fewer obstructions.   But the size is an advantage as well - giving it an excellent coverage and depth while retaining good sensitivity to smaller targets.    Try one and you willl see why this size coil will be perfect to help you discover those deeply hidden targets.   


MONO Operation hints & tips:

A mono coil combined with pulse induction detectors has a depth benefit over most other types of detectors. This comes in the way of heightened sensitivity to deeper targets generally out of reach of many detectors.   Having said that, the target response of this coil is sharp and clear so most likely the targets will be easily heard if within the range of this coil's large magnetic field.

Being a mono it has the windings around the perimeter of the coil so pinpointing can be done by either using the tip of the coil or tilting the coil to vertical and using the outer edge. You will notice that the outer edge is sensitive all around the coil. When swinging this coil you will need to overlap your swings by approximately half the coil length to be thorough and having a slow swing speed will ensure you hear the very tiny targets.

General Characteristics:

  • Light weight for the size of the coil.
  • Excellent ground coverage
  • Excellent depth capabilities 
  • Good maneuverability in open areas
  • Robust design
  • Size: 355 mm (14")
  • Weight: 898 / 31.6 oz.
  • Configuration: Monoloop (Mono)
  • NON Waterproof 

Applicable White's Metal Detectors:

  • White's TDI
  • White's TDI Pro

Other White's TDI coil sizes available:

  • 6" TDI Mono
  • 10" x 5" TDI Mono
  • 11" TDI Mono
  • 17" x 11" TDI Mono

You can be assured of a high quality, high performing product that is backed up with great service, reliability and a 2 year warranty. Any WHITES TDI detector operator could be missing out on Optimising Discovery if they are not swinging a COILTEK.

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