Coiltek coils




Be sure to check out the complete lineup of Coiltek accesory coils for your Minelab and now White's Metal Detectors!





Coiltek 6" Goldstalker Coil

6" GOLDSTALKER Designed to work in brushy areas and where large coils may have missed the small targets     Perfo..

$188.00 $200.00

Coiltek 6" Treasureseeker Coil

Coiltek 6" Treasureseeker Coil For the Minelab FBS and BBS series machines     This great new small coil for the E..

$188.00 $200.00

Coiltek 6" White's TDI Mono Coil

Coiltek 6" White's TDI Mono Coil Looking for a super sensitive sniper coil for your White's TDI? This is it!    C..

$182.50 $187.50

2-3 Days -6%
Coiltek 6" X-Terra Digger Coil

Coiltek 6" X-TERRA Digger A small 3 kHz coil for hunting coins and relics in trashy areas Discontinued - ask about availability as we ..

$263.00 $281.00

2-3 Days -6%
Coiltek Coil Cable Extension

Coiltek Coil Cable Extensions   for Minelab Detectors       If you need a coil cable extension for..

$52.50 $56.00

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