Headphones are the perfect accessory for any metal detector, allowing you to hear more faint deep targets than ever before!  Choose from Sunray, Detector Pro and more - with a price to suit all budgets.

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Detector Pro Black Widow Headphones
 Black Widow Designed for the hearing challenged and for hunting those high noise enviroment..
$150.00 $135.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost Amphibians - for Garrett AT Pro/Gold, ATX, Sea Hunter and Infinium LS
  Grey Ghost Amphibian Headphones   For the Garrett AT Pro/Gold, ATX, Sea Hunter ..
$165.00 $150.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost BT - with Bluetooth
Grey Ghost headphones with Bluetooth     Connect your cell phone directly to ..
$169.00 $152.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost Deep Woods
  Grey Ghost Deep Woods   Built for use in the most difficult terrain, with the s..
$109.00 $98.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost DMC - also for the CTX 3030
  Grey Ghost DMC   Get that Grey Ghost sound in your Nautilus DMC or Minelab CTX ..
$120.00 $108.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost for the XP Deus
  Grey Ghost headphones for the XP Deus   Enjoy wireless hunting with the legenda..
$165.00 $150.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost NDT
 Grey Ghost NDT Built on the original Grey Ghost design - but with "No Down Time"   ..
$150.00 $135.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost Originals
   Original Grey Ghost Built with the serious coin, relic, and jewelery hunter in mi..
$119.00 $107.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost Ultimate
Grey Ghost Ultimate The top of the line Grey Ghost metal detecting headphones   This i..
$140.00 $126.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost Underwater
  & Grey Ghost Underwater   Now you can have the Grey Ghost design for use at..
$150.00 $135.00
Detector Pro Grey Ghost Underwater CTX 3030
 Grey Ghost Underwater for the Minelab CTX 3030 Built for the CTX 3030 to use on the beach, ..
$225.00 $175.00
Detector Pro Jolly Rogers Headphones
 Jolly Rogers Headphones Packed with great features at an affordable price   Have..
$90.00 $89.00
Detector Pro Jolly Rogers Ultimates
Jolly Rogers Ultimate Now you can have your Jolly Rogers with all of the extra features  ..
$120.00 $108.00
Detector Pro Nugget Buster
  Nugget Buster   Engineered and optimized for the prospector and nugget hunter ..
$109.00 $107.00
Detector Pro Nugget Buster NDT
 Nugget Buster NDT Built on the original Grey Ghost design - optimized for gold hunters - an..
$150.00 $135.00
Detector Pro Uniprobe - headphones and a probe in one!
Unirobe An all in one headphone/probe... and even a complete detector by just adding a coil and r..
$350.00 $298.00
Deteknix Wire-Free Lite headphones
Deteknix Wire-Free™ Lite Headphones Light Weight Wireless headphones now available for jus..
$102.99 $91.99
Deteknix Wire-Free Pro Headphones
​Deteknix Wire-Free™ Pro Headphones Full size Wireless headphones now available for just a..
$189.95 $149.95
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Deteknix WR Wire-Free headphone adapters
Deteknix Wire-Free™ WR Headphone Adapter Make your favorite headphones and detector wirele..
$99.99 $89.95
Garrett 1/4" land headphone adapter
Garrett 1/4" headphone adapter     Allows land-use headphones with a 1/4”..
$39.95 $33.95
Garrett Submersible Headphones
Garrett Submersible Headphones     These headphones can be used on land or ..
$99.95 $84.95
Garrett Z-Lynk 1/4" headphone wireless adapter cable
NEW! - Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone 1/4" adapter Coming soon - call us if you would like to ..
Garrett Z-Lynk Headphone AT series detector adapter
NEW! - Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone AT series adapter Coming soon - call us if you would lik..
$19.95 $16.95
Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone system
NEW! - Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone System   Coming soon! (call if you would ..
$149.95 $127.45
Killer B Camo headphones
Killer B Camo headphones         The Killer Camo headph..
$129.95 $116.99
Killer B headphones
Killer B headphones         The “Killer B" is a very po..
$114.95 $103.49
Killer B Hornet Headphones
Killer B Hornet headphones         The "Hornet" is a tank..
$139.95 $125.99
Killer B II headphones
Killer B II headphones         The Killer B IIs have&nb..
$124.95 $112.45
Killer B Stinger headphones
Killer B Stinger headphones         The "Stinger" ..
$104.95 $94.49
Killer B Wasp headphones
Killer B Wasp headphones         The Killer B Wasp..
$139.95 $125.99
Minelab Equinox headphone adapter cable 1/8" to 1/4"
Minelab Equinox headphone adapter cable to adapt from the Equinox 1/8" port to your 1..
MInelab Koss UR-30 Headphones
    Minelab Koss UR30 headphones   These quality Koss UR-30 hea..
$126.00 $90.00
Minelab Koss Waterproof Headphones
Minelab Koss waterproof headphones For several Minelab models, including the CTX 3030, Equinox,..
$195.00 $149.00
Minelab lightweight wired headphones (with 1/8" connector)
Minelab lightweight headphones With an 1/8" plug for use with the Equinox and Gold Monster..
Minelab ML80 Bluetooth headphones
Minelab ML80 Bluetooth headphones For the Equinox series   These headphon..
Minelab PRO-SONIC Universal Wireless Audio System
Minelab PRO-SONIC Univesal Wireless Audio System         PRO‑..
Minelab WM 08 Wireless Audio Module
Minelab WM08 Wireless headphone module For the Equinox series   Allows yo..
Sunray Pro Gold CTX 3030 headphones
SUN RAY PRO  "GOLD" HEADPHONES   High Quality features at an affordable price - now..
Sunray Pro Gold Original Headphones
SUN RAY PRO  "GOLD" HEADPHONES High Quality Headphones with all the features - at an afford..
Treasure Wise headphones
Treasure Wise Headphones An economical, yet good quality set of headphones     ..
White's MX Sport Waterproof Headphones
White's MX Sport waterproof headphones Hybrid design featuring the noise canceling e..
White's SpectraSound wireless headphones
White's SpectraSound wireless headphones Dependable - Comfortable - no-delay real..
White's UltraLite headphones
White's UltraLite Headphones UltraLite Headphones are packed with features to help y..
XP Deus - foldable wired headphones with backbone and volume control
XP Deus wired headphones with backbone A great backup headphone for the XP DEUS, this wired set ..
$22.00 $20.00
XP Deus WS4 lightweight headphones
XP Deus WS4 Lightweight Wireless Headphones  Headphones for the XP Deus only These light..
$370.00 $329.00
XP Deus WS4 wireless headphone backbone
XP Deus WS4 Backphone Headband Replacement backphone headband for the XP DEUS metal detecto..
$21.00 $19.00
XP Deus WS5 Full Sized Wireless Headphones
XP Deus WS5 Full Size Wireless Headphones  Headphones for the XP Deus only These full si..
$470.00 $429.00

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