RNB ML-3400 Lithium Ion battery for Minelab FBS detectors

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RNB ML-3400 Lithium Rechargeable Battery Pack

For the Minelab FBS series detectors

Temporarily Out of Stock

Now even longer lasting - as they have been upgraded from the ML-3100 batteries! (the product is the same as the photo above except is marked ML-3400 on the latest version)


Do you want the longest lasting rechargeable battery on the market for your Minelab Etrac, Explorer, or Safari metal detector?  Well you have found it right here with RNB's ML-3400 battery!

Add this battery to your machine and you can hunt for up to 40 hours on a charge - some users report even longer run times!

General Characteristics:

  • Very long lasting - up to 40 hours or even more!
  • Higher voltage at 12.5 volts, as compared to the stock Minelab battery at 9.6 volts
  • Consistent performance - no drop off in voltage until the very end of the charge means full performance virtually the entire hunt!
  • Fast charging - less than 2 hours from depleted to a full charge!
  • Light Weight!    The ML-3400 only weighs 10.47 oz, as compared to the stock Minelab battery at 14.72 oz.   
  • No discharge while not in use - will hold 97% of the charge for up to a year without recharging!
  • The supplied Smart charger has a full battery indicator (GREEN), and will turn off when the battery is fully charged.
  • No negative effects from cold weather


Compatible Detectors:

  • Minelab Etrac
  • Minelab Explorer
  • Minelab Safari
  • Minelab Quattro


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