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XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector!

XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector!
XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector! XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector! XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector! XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector! XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector! XP Deus - a high performance lightweight, wireless detector!
Brand: XP Detectors
Product Code: Deus
Availability: In Stock
Price: $1,549.00 $799.00

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XP DEUS - A deep seeking, lightweight detector with wireless controls!


The XP DEUS now is available in four configurations -

Including a revised and improved starter bundle!

And be sure to check out the new reduced pricing - high performance now more affordable than ever! 



Note - the current firmware version is 3.2.  
XP has announced a soon to be released version 4.0,
which can be added to any exisiting Deus - new or old!  
See below for details.



Now available with a 11" coil or the 9" coil

with any configuration including the WS4 or WS5 headphones versions

at no additional cost! 




Each configuration has equal detecting performance!

The choice you have to make is which type of headphones and controls best suit your needs.


Configuration #1 - WS4 Wireless module + FX02 Wired Headphones + 9" OR 11" DD Coil + telescopic rod  - WAS $949  NOW $799!                          STARTER BUNDLE with either 9" OR 11" Coil

Configuration #2 - FX-02 Wired Backphone Headphones + 9" Coil OR 11" DD Coil + telescopic rod + Remote   - WAS $1250.00 NOW $1230!                        WIRED HEADPHONE OPTION with either 9" OR 11" Coil!


Configuration #3 - WS4 Backphone Headphones + 9" OR 11" Coil + telescopic rod + Remote - WAS $1550.00   NOW $1520!  With either 9" OR 11" Coil

Configuration #4 - WS5 Full Sized Headphones + 9" OR 11" Coil + telescopic rod + Remote   - WAS $1600.00  NOW $1565!  With either 9" OR 11" Coil
If you choose to pick up a Starter Bundle, a remote can be added at a later time.   Also, if you choose a wired headphone configuration, either type of wireless headphones can be added in the future.   These options give you flexibility in choosing what works well for you and fits your budget!
Call us for your best deal on an XP Deus not shown here!


Lightweight and compact: extend or fold away in seconds


At 2 pounds, the XP DEUS (pronounced "day-uhs") offers exceptional comfort through the light weight and balance, speed via a lightning fast recovery time, and performance with exceptional depth on all targets. The XP DEUS is the result of years of research and development by the XP engineering team. This detector sets new benchmarks in metal detection design and performance.

The XP DEUS design is built on three elements, each of which is totally wireless:

  1. The Search Coil
  2. The Digital LCD Display Remote
  3. Audio Backphone Headphones

Each of the three devices communicate with one another via a digital wireless link that has been developed specifically for metal detecting.  The patented design provides crystal clear audio with no lag and exceptionally efficient power consumption.




The XP DEUS also features a superior lightweight ergonomic stem design that is comfortable and easy to use. A durable molded rubber grip provides an improved operating angle for hours of fatigue free use. The arm cup is produced from a unique plastic resin that is both durable and flexible.


With its extreme speed, the XP DEUS finds good, desireable targets next to junk.  The entire detector is built in to the search coil! Unlike traditional metal detectors, a wire is no longer required to convey the signal. The target signal is digitized and analyzed instantly and directly at the source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit. This revolutionary new design improves the quality of signal acquisition and produces superior power, speed and precision. The pure digital format allows you to adjust the power, reactivity and target recovery speed to be as fast as you desire.


With One Click, you can change the frequency, power or recovery of the XP Deus.  An all digital design means that there is now no need to buy multiple detectors for different types of treasure hunting, as you can adjust every characteristic of the DEUS. Four frequency options are available - 4 kHz, 8 kHz,12 kHz and 18 kHz.  You also have the ability to choose from one of 10 preset factory programs or one of 8 user customizable programs and start detecting. The XP DEUS is simple to use for a beginner and provides advanced options for experienced users.



A control system unique to the XP Deus

With the XP Deus, you can adjust each and every setting in one of two places: the remote OR in the headphones!   You read that right - EITHER the headphones OR the remote can control this detector!   They can be used independently or together.  In other words, if you don't want to use the remote, simply use the headphones.  Or - if you want use only the remote with the built in speaker.   With no wires between the coil or the controllers, there is nothing to get cut, broken, or tangled!    Simple freedom when operating the XP Deus!

Weatherproof Wireless Headphones

The WS4 and the WS5 headphones for the XP Deus are designed and custom molded specifically to endure the rigors of metal detecting. The electronics, digital LCD display and controls are encapsulated in a weatherproof disc on one side of the headset.  Control all of the important features of the detector through the headphones alone: Ground Balance, Frequency, Discrimination, Sensitivity, Volume and Custom Programs.

Wireless LCD Remote Display

The bright, backlit display can be mounted on the shaft or hip mounted with the included hip mount case. Intuitive menus control the audio response, iron level, tones, notch, discrimination and all advanced features including ground balance, each at the touch of a button.   On screen graphics walk you through each item and adjustment.



The XP Deus can always be kept up to date!

Via the USB Connection, you can get the latest software for your Deus online and upgrade at anytime!  Just plug the USB cable into the DEUS remote and the other end into your computer. Follow the prompts and your detector will be updated with the most current features. 


All units currently ship with firmware version 3.2.   On 9/16/16, XP has announced an upcoming update in the form of firmware version 4.0.   

So does that mean your should wait for the new version 4.0 to be released before purchasing a new DEUS? Will the current DEUS – coil-remote control-headphones be compatible with this next version or will they need to be changed?

No! The product hardware will be the same, the new V4.0 update is software only and will be downloadable for free,  it will work with all previous DEUS! The original coils, headphones and remote control will work with the new version 4.0 update, although some new menu features will not be accessible unless the newest accessories are connected.

These latest additions will be found in the V 4.0 software:

  • Compatibility with MI-6 Pinpointer.
  • Compatibility with the 2 new optional high frequency search coils (15, 30 or 55 kHz).
  • Improved mineralization rejection.
  • Reactivity level 3 is more efficient.
  • A more versatile Reactivity level of 2.5.
  • Advanced Reactivity levels for program N°10 GOLDFIELD.
  • Improved identification on large iron targets.
  • Better ground tracking, now independent to the current Reactivity level.
  • Tones can be adjusted to reach 1000 Hz.
  • Target ID Normalization feature is now incorporated into the headphones.
  • Go Detect app for smartphones is now compatible with the Deus, featuring a tracking display, user target information and their GPS coordinates.



In the box of a new XP DEUS you will find the following items:

  • "S" Handle Stem, fully telescopic
  • FX-02 Wired or WS4 Wireless or WS5 Wireless Headphones, depending on the option you choose
  • A case for headphone storage
  • 9" DD or 11" DD Waterproof, Wireless Search Coil
  • Coil Cover
  • Wireless Remote Control Display Screen
  • Hip mount case for Wireless Remote Control Display Screen
  • USB Connection Cable With One Mini-B Plug, to allow for the connection of the remote control to a computer for syncing the latest updates!
  • USB Connection Cable With Three Mini-B Plugs, to allow for the simultaneous charging of the coil, remote control, and the headphones
  • 110 Volt Power supply transformer - charger
  • Connection Clamp for recharging the Coil
  • Complete coil hardware & spare parts (2 Screws, 2 Wing Nuts, 1 Washer, 1 Spacing Washer)
  • Owners Manual


Every new XP Deus comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty!  



All warranty service is completed in the USA


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